Merz Trio on the Highline

Merz Trio on the Highline


Formed in January 2017 as a collaboration between pianist Lee Dionne, violinist Brigid Coleridge, and cellist Julia Yang, Merz Trio was the recipient of a Judges’ Special Recognition Award at the 2017 Plowman Competition and a finalist for a 2017 Tarisio Young Artists Grant for their Macbeth project in spring, 2018.  In July 2018, Merz Trio will head to Melbourne, Australia to perform two recitals presented by Musica Viva and compete as one of eight trios invited to the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition.

Fueled by a mission to transform and revitalize the traditional concert format, Merz Trio not only commits itself to chamber performance of the highest level, but also embraces a richly multidisciplinary approach to concert programming. Taking their name from the early 20th-century "Merz pictures" of German visual artist Kurt Schwitters, the trio draws inspiration from Schwitters’ unique style of found-object collage that emerged in response to the fragmented and devastated world of post-WWI Europe. In keeping with Schwitters’ aesthetic of creation from pieced-together fragments, Merz Trio's projects promote dialogue between seemingly disparate musics, texts, and artifacts, weaving and juxtaposing the trio's repertoire within differing artistic worlds of visual art, dance, theater, and culinary arts.

Upcoming programs for 2017-2018 include a multidisciplinary exploration of Haydn’s style alongside works of Schwitters and excerpts from German author W.G. Sebald. Other show concepts include a multi-course "tasting menu" of short musical selections paired with food, as well as a "mainstage" show inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Currently based in New York, Merz Trio engages in local education and community building and donates 10% of its earnings from select concerts to local charities.